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 [Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview

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my life creator

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PostSubject: [Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview   Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:15 pm


M: male host
F: female host
a: alan

(The interview starts around 5:18, the beginning they're just playing my life
There are some parts that I didn't translate, but they're nothing important and that I can't hear them properly)

M: Special guest debut
F: The Chinese born alan
a: Please take care of me
M: How are you lately? (Host asks in Chinese)
a: I'm great (Replied in Chinese)
M: Does that mean you're the same as before? 最近好嘛?是最近一般的意思?(The host doesn't know Chinese, so that's why he asked)
a: No it means I'm great
M: So you released your new album "my life" just recently
a: Hm yes
M: What did everyone think of the album?
a: For me, it was a new challenge
a: I wrote the lyrics and composed some of the songs
M: Today is actually the first time to be with alan on the radio
a: But I met "F" before like at dance and Japanese class
a: I was really busy before, so I'm relearning jazz right now
M & F: Being that you're from China and you're suddenly famous, how do you feel about that
a: Hm, I thought that learning Japanese was really hard
M: Because I'm Canadian, so Japanese is hard for me too
a: No, I think your Japanese is fine
F: When we're working together, he always make some mistakes
M: Hm, so when they can't speak with you in Japanese, they'll change to English
a: My English isn't that good
M: How do you think about Japan
a: I'm really happy, but I'm just a bit busy
M: How many times did you come to Nagoya before?
a: A lot of times, about 7 times and I always come to eat Taiwanese ramen
M: alan really likes spicy foods right?
a: Hm, since I'm born in Sichuan, so I really like it
M: I think that I saw a program with alan and they were introducing some really spicy food, was it really spicy?
a: Did you think it was a bit weird? Hoho
M: Not at all
a: But I don't really eat that many spicy foods now
a: When I was in Sichuan, everyone ate spicy food, so I would always eat it, but now I have to think about staff members
M: "F", do you eat spicy foods?
F: Yeah I eat it
M: "F", how do you view alan?
F: Because I'm also busy working in Japan,so I can relate to alan
a: "F", how long have you been in Japan?
F: About 2 and a half years
M: Did alan ever have that "coming to Japan is right" kind of feeling?
a: Yeah, when I first debuted hoho
a: Because my mom is also a singer, so I gave my family a lot of CDs when I made my debut
a: I really want to convey my feelings to everyone
M: I want to ask about "my life", is there anything in the album that you really want to convey to everyone?
a: I tried a lot of new stylingsin my life and my previous album was full of sad songs
a: But there's pop and dance tracks, but there's definitely some Tibetan stylings
a: I want to let everyone see the different sides of alan
M: alan is working for the inside pages of a magazine
M: And this time the theme is "Popular Winter Trends"
M: So then what does alan like to wear during winter?
a: I'm usually very casual with my outfits
M: alan isn't casual, "F" is usually very trendy and dress really cute, and alan is wearing leopard prints today
a: Thank you
a: I would usually wear a hat, scarf, and some accessories
M: I actually like that kind of style too
a: What kind of girls do you like?
M: I like the pretty kind
a: What kind of style is "F" and I ?
M: Your outfits today are really good and because my blood type is AB, so anything is fine
M: Then what plans does alan have for the new year?
a: Rehearsals for my concerts
M: Then spring?
a: Probably resting
M: Is there a possibility that you'll go to China?
a: Probably, I want to go to a warmer place with my family
M: The yen is raising a lot right now
a: Really? I didn't notice
M: alan will come here next year for your concert
a: Hm yes
M: Then work hard, if there is a chance, then "F" and I will come to watch
a: Thank you, you must come then
M: For the time, thank you alan
a: And thanks to you two
M: Then we'll play alan's song now=
F: Nobody knows but me

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幸せの鐘 fan
幸せの鐘 fan

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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview   Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:14 pm

Thank you for sharing ^^
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空唄 lover
空唄 lover

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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview   Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:56 am

oh, they could have asked more interesting and detailed questions,
but anyway, thank you for translating and sharing
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東京未明 fan
東京未明 fan

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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview   Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:16 pm

Thanks for posting.
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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview   

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[Translation] RADIO-i "i Stream Gold" interview

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