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 How did you ... ~

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RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ lover
RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ lover

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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:10 pm

Mmm, i visited a J-Pop blog, and i watched an Hitotsu promo pic (beautiful of course), after i watched the Hitotsu PV, and i found the Ashita e no Sanka PV on youtube, and since that day i love alan because she is so beautiful and her voice is one of the most beautiful!!!
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alan fan wannabe
alan fan wannabe

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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:23 pm

As a fan of Tibetan music, I had heard about her but (maybe because I have never been a J-Pop person) never heard any of her songs. I think I saw one of her videos in the Youtube recommendations and decided to listen to it, because the name was familiar. :D
I fell in love with 天女~interlude~ because.... it's just perfect. I expected her songs to be more raw or simple or somehow folkish as Tibetan songs tend to be. At first I thought they are 'too produced', nothing special but the more I listened to her, the more I loved her music (呼唤 and 鳳凰 helped me with that...)
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Black Meddle
桜モダン fan
桜モダン fan

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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:48 am

Initially I had heard of her on another forum, and they mentioned she had sung the ending themes to Red Cliff. I didn't give it much thought afterwards, but me being a Chinese action cinema buff, I decided to watch Red Cliff since I'd heard it was pretty great (this was back in 2011, I think). As the credits were about to role, I figured, "Eh, we'll probably have some standard C-pop star sing a standard ballad as usual for an end credit song...." (I'm generally not into Pop music).... and then Chi Bi - Da Jiang Dong Qu started playing. I thought, "Holy crap, this girl sounds great! Quite the operatic approach! Wasn't expecting that!" So, curious, I looked on youtube to see if their was a music video, which of course there was.

My jaw dropped.

Good Lord, this girl is absolutely beautiful. I'm used to seeing plenty of pics/videos of Asian beauties from the media, but there's just something about alan that just instantly drew me towards her. I'm thinkin' it was her eyes. My God, them eyes. So of course I do my research, looking up whatever info I could find on her, eventually leading me to the documentary Pommy had uploaded on her youtube account. It made me fall in love with her personality - humble, down-to-earth, filial, but with a bit of feisty spirit in her ("Why can't I sit the way I want? Can't I just be a bit more comfortable?" ಠ_ಠ lol)....she just seems like a great person, y'know? Man, how could there be such a perfect woman? Angelic voice (those Tibetan wails <3), stunningly beautiful, and a winning personality? I'm in love. Embarrass

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alan fan wannabe
alan fan wannabe

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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:29 am

I don't even remember how I found alan. It must have been from a fandub by a youtube friend of mine. I don't really remember but I know it was back in 2008 and the song was Ashita e no sanka.
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alan fan wannabe
alan fan wannabe

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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:43 am

I have become a fan after have heard Ashita e no Sanka. Then I listened the totallity of her discography and I love the majority of her songs.
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明日への讃歌 lover
明日への讃歌 lover

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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:18 am

Girl from japanese music community recommended alan a lot. It was ~2009. I just grabbed everything ) But began to love alan only after discovering Gunjou no Tani in this folder
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PostSubject: Re: How did you ... ~   

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How did you ... ~

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