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 Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion

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幸せの鐘 fan
幸せの鐘 fan

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Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion Empty
PostSubject: Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion   Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 20, 2010 9:06 am

I promised to write about my interpretation about the PV but I forgot :XD:

This time I will post my thoughts about alan new PV, it's really interesting~

You can share your thought as well, I really want to share about this~

Here's what I think :

I think the concept of the PV is quite simple and I think the song and the PV talking about lifetime, yes a LIFE. Things we should consider in this PV might be scorpion, and the dancing alan in black screen, maybe it's random but I think it has something related to the song itself.

The desert represents a place in our life, it might be the earth or something that related to life, and the flowing sands, that looks like a river or sand, it represents the flow of time. I read somewhere that the deserts could means a lifetime or something that related to life, because desert might be a land where people could survive or not, so I think it's quite possible.

The scorpion represents an interruption. Something that will stop you when you reach for something, it might be fear or anxiety, that was the scorpion means. It's not an usual scorpion, it's emperor scorpion which means it is a big fear or something troubling. Why scorpion? Because it's in the desert.

We have 2 versions of alan, the one laying in the desert and then sitting down, and the one who have flower pattern on her left face, which represents human. The one who dancing in the black screen is the same with the one who have flower pattern on the face is represents the flower itself.

So basically everything in this PV is just like our life. The lyrics said : "Though I don’t truly know where I am, Though I am still searching for the right path..." well, alan is walking around in the PV right? As if searching for the right path.

The scene where alan sitting down and the wind blows to her, it's something like, we live, facing the problems. Then we can't bear it, so alan lying in the desert while grab the dead flower, it's just like something bad happened to our life and we can't bear it.

The flower alan that dancing in the black screen? It's the same as a flower when facing the wind, the petals are "dancing" yeah it's something like that.

In the end, I think it's really represents to Life. We are the same flower which facing the wind.

That's what I thought, and please forgive me, SORRY a million times If I can't describe it well, I always have a problem when it comes to share something in a text format XD

I hope you understand what I mean here, and please share your thoughts as well~
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Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion   Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 20, 2010 9:27 am

^ Wah it's a great description I think xD

I'm not the one who has ability to interprete video so I won't talk much about that (I've even never watched this PV more than 2 times LOL)
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Kaze ni Mukau Hana PV Discussion

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