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 [Translation] Kana May 2012

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my life creator

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PostSubject: [Translation] Kana May 2012   [Translation] Kana May 2012 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 4:23 pm

Since coming back to China to develop your career, what do you think is different about China's and Japan's music industry?
Japan's music production is very perfect. They are like an unbreakable chain. Artists have to release a single before they can release their albums, so singles are rather a lot more important than the album itself. China's is rather more relaxed. Artists have more time to compose and more songs to choose from. China values albums over singles. This is good because the album can contain more genres like my album this time. There's a lot of variety with the genres and during production, I would just choose between all these different genres. During the entire production process, I was very satisfied.

I heard you acted in a short movie! There are 3 movies? 2 movies were shot in Japan and 1 in China, is that right? Can you tell us a bit about it?
I can only say a little bit about it! This is my first time acting in a movie, a "short" one (lol). We shot the first movie in Beijing and then we went to Japan. We shot 2 movies in Yokohama. Since it was February when we shot it, it was especially cold, but the movie was set during spring-summer, so I didn't wear a lot. I almost frozen silly, but the overall effect of the movie is very great, so I guess I didn't suffer for nothing. The heavens will definitely give you what you deserve. The short movie will meet everyone along with my album. I'll leak a little secret...there is a romantic scene, so hope everyone looks forward to it! (lol)

Ever since signing with Yuehua Entertainment, you have been preparing for your comeback album. Can you introduce your album for us? I heard the style is completely different than from before!
Yes, my previous albums were more leaning towards peace and love and also caring for and romanticizing the world. I wanted to give my fans a whole new feeling, so the new album will contain old elements, but there will also be a refreshing love style. This is also my first time trying out this style, so I hope I can give everyone a whole new different feeling.

This is your first time completely coming back to the Chinese music industry, so have you set any goals for yourself?
Of course! When I was developing in Japan, I had a lot of fans in China, but since I couldn't often come back, so I didn't get a lot of chances to meet with everyone. However, my fans never complained and still kept on supporting me. Sometimes fans would fly to Japan to see my concerts, so coming back to China, I hope I can repay them back for their love and lessen the distance between us. They are all members of "alan family", so bringing them more happiness is my goal for my comeback.

For your new album, you have received the help from many top musicians in the Chinese music industry like JJ Lin and Wang Ya Jun have worked with you again this time, so what kind of differences is there from working with them than from before?
I think my feelings are different. They are 2 very superb musicians, so I was very nervous working with them the first time. Now, I'm not because we've gotten familiar with each other. They understand my voice and I've gotten more comfortable with the feelings expressed in the songs. This kind of collaboration thickens the feelings the songs want to communicate.

Your fellow label mate, Anson Hu, is called the genius in the industry and he has personally composed a song for you as a present, so talk about your opinion of him!
I really liked his work and when I held my concert in Japan, I invited him to Japan. His songs and lyrics are definitely the best in China. He have a unique style and feature, so it was good that I'm in the same company as him. I find him to be especially interesting. We have chemistry in how we think about music, so I hoped that I was able to work with him for this album. Anson didn't think twice and agreed, so I'm very thankful to him.

The production for your album is a big once and I've heard that the promo pictures was shot by Ayumi Hamasaki's personal photographer?
Yes, the promo pictures were shot by Leslie Kee. Actually, I've been working with him since 4 years ago. We have chemistry between us and Leslie Kee truly understands my characteristics, so I become very relaxed in front of his camera. Sparks fly when I work with him. For this time, Leslie Kee has shot a very avant-garde feeling and I especially love it. I hope this time's breakthrough will give everyone a different feeling.
This is alan's second time shooting for Kana, so what kind of magazine do you think Kana is?
I'm actually a loyal fan of Kana. I would buy a copy for myself since a long time ago. In these few years, I'm a witness of Kana's change. The magazine gets better and better and it's very accurate on fashion's specialty. A lot of foreign fashion was introduced to China through Kana. I can see that the staff are very professional and they're using their hearts to make this magazine. They don't treat it as a job, but as something they're passionate about, so this is why Kana can get better and better.

Are you looking forward to Kana's 4/25 "GIRL'S NIGHT" event? Do you like Kana's style?
This is my first time attending a Kana event, so I'm especially looking forward to it. I hope that I will have more chances in the futures to work with Kana. Kana's style fits me very well. It's sexy, but also cute. I would often read it. I really like the items and accessories in the magazine and when I go out, I would look to the magazine for how I should style. Sometimes the magazine would recommend handmade dolls and then I would especially go and buy them.

You've worked hard for today's shoot. The theme definitely have something to do with weddings, so did you like this time's style?
Every girl would fantasize about their wedding dress, so I'm the same. It was good that the theme for Kana's photoshoot was a wedding because the outfits and style are very pretty and very dreamlike. When I was shooting, I felt like I was really at my own wedding.

alan, have you fantasized about your own wedding?
When I was shooting, I kept on thinking about it. For my own wedding in the future, I would definitely make it very pretty. Maybe it'll be by the blue sea or at a quaint little village, but as long as two people are truly in love, it will be beautiful no matter where they are.

What kind of bride style do you like?
If I was a bride, I like the classic natural style. I really liked the style for this shoot with wavy hair pinned up and a long train. It's classic, but it also flows.

You've recently participated in Let's Shake It, it must have been tough rehearsing! I saw your Weibo and you were even hurt.
It is very hard rehearsing for it. Even though I learned a bit of dance before, but I haven't danced in a long time. Before this show, I mentally prepared myself. What if I mess up the dance? However, after I decided to do the show, I just wanted to do my best. I won't compare myself with other people and I'll just challenge the standards I've set before. When I was dancing, I really didn't notice I was hurt. It was only when I was resting did I felt my entire body aching and saw the redness on my kneecaps and arm. After that, I really respected professional dancers because they are amazing.

Participating in Let's Shake It, were you nervous during the matches?
Actually, I was nervous before deciding to do the show like worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, but after I decided to do it, I wasn't nervous anymore. If I decide to do something, I will use my soul to do it. I went to the rehearsals and I was relaxed when I got up on stage because I've already done my best. I can't control anything else. If you care about the outcome too much, you won't be able to enjoy the process.

You said on Weibo that you really liked the sea, so what is your favorite place surrounded by the sea?
I love Saipan Islands. I went there with my parents. The scenery is very beautiful and the water and beaches are very clean. There is only the simple blue sky, white clouds, big ocean and in that kind of environment, you just feel so clean. Your entire body is refreshed. The climate is very good, so it's a good place to vacation in.

It's a beautiful place, have you ever fantasized about going there with your special someone one day? Girls have this kind of fantasies about a romantic vacation right?
I have really never fantasized about a romantic vacation. After I have that special someone, then we'll see! If I have someone I love, I will definitely go with him to not just Saipan Islands, but also all the beautiful places in the world.

What kind of guys do you like?? Tell us something!
I hope he is a normal guy being able to tolerant my stubbornness. If our hearts can connect, then nothing in the world can disturb us. I think compared to his physical attributes, it's important that two people must be each others soulmate. This is the most important.

What do you think "enjoying life" is? What do you like to do?
I think it is eating meals with your family, recording a song you like...I especially like to search for the drop of beauty in life. Every time I find it, I think life is really wonderful. When I have nothing to do, I would do some handiwork at home, take care of the plants, and read a book. If I have more time, I would go out and relax with my parents.

If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what do you think you are like? Why?
I think I'm a deer. I'm curious about everything and I want to try out every little new thing and my eyes are very round! (lol)

As a celebrity, what kind of tricks do you have in maintaining your skin?
My tricks are to drink lots of water, sleep more and find skincare products that's fit for my skin. Whenever I go out, I'm always making sure to be hydrated. Whenever I have time, I would put on a facial mask like Inoherb's masks are very good. I would always bring it when I go out. As long as I have resting time, I would put it on no matter if I only have 10 minutes. Usually, I would stew some soup high in protein to drink. When I'm at home, I never wear makeup, so my skin can rest for a bit. I'm very particular about my skincare products, so I never blindingly listen to other people. You must find products that are fit for you.

You've worked hard for today's shoot, so say something to our readers!
Hi, readers of Kana. I'm alan. I hope that everyone's life will get better and better. alan will keep on working hard to bring more music to everyone. I hope everyone will pay attention to alan and to Kana.

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明日への讃歌 fan
明日への讃歌 fan

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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] Kana May 2012   [Translation] Kana May 2012 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 4:59 pm

aw alan is so cute! haha i like how she just wants a normal guy who can tolerate her stubborn attitude and how she compares herself to a deer. <3
i really liked this interview. thanks for translating once again pommy!
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tenshi no hane
tenshi no hane
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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] Kana May 2012   [Translation] Kana May 2012 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 10:40 pm

Thank you for translating once again! Muah

Reading how she has more freedom to make choices this time makes really curious to hear the new album!

alan wrote:
I think I'm a deer. I'm curious about everything and I want to try out every little new thing and my eyes are very round! (lol)

lol she's so cute XD
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空唄 lover
空唄 lover

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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] Kana May 2012   [Translation] Kana May 2012 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 30, 2012 1:54 pm

I've read it in her voice 'Hi, I'm alan' lol.

this was a really good interview. I feel she's more relaxed now than ever. I feel like she was under strong pressure in Japan. I dont know why, interviews are very different. She seems more happy now.

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PostSubject: Re: [Translation] Kana May 2012   [Translation] Kana May 2012 I_icon_minitime

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[Translation] Kana May 2012

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